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The Lebanese Directory

Lebanese Events
Events related to Lebanon. Check on events related to Lebanon in the United States and around the world.
Learn Lebanese
Learn theLebanese language. List of sources and websites that help to teach the language the Lebanese currently speak.
Researches about Lebanon
Research and studies related to Lebanon. Participate in studies in the US and worldwide at professional or orcollege/school level.
Lebanese news
News links related to Lebanon and the globe. Lebanese and international media sources and agencies' websites.
Books about Lebanon
Books, videos, CD's and posters about Lebanon are lsited as well as global Lebanese authors and works.
Lebanese Global Chronicles
Lebanese Global Chronicles list the achievements of prominent Lebanese around the world.
Lebanon Sports
Sports of Lebanon and the Lebanese around the world, and their local, regional and international achievements.
Lebanese culture
Present your Lebanese culture. Tips about serving your heritage just by talking about your culture, ethnicity and language.
Free e-cards

Free e-cards for all occasions; National, Social, Religious and Cultural.

Lebanese Music Music of Lebanon and music by Lebanese; Melodies, Songs and hits in Lebanon and around the world.
Lebanese Food and Wine Food and wine of Lebanon; Lebanese recipes; Lebanese restaurants and stores lists and sources.
Lebanese Photos Photos of Lebanon, Nature, Archeology, Architecture, Recreation and vintage pictures. Submit your pictures.
Lebanese Chat
Chat with Lebanese people from around the globe. On-line chat connections that are related to Lebanese people and issues.
Join LGIC and help spreading our educational program about the land of the "Cedars of the Lord"
Tell a friend about this website and/or add it to your favorites by clicking on the icon; introduce Lebanon to non-Lebanese.
Fight Anti-Lebanese
Fight the Anti-Lebanese by reporting about websites or papers that present wrongful information about Lebanon's culture or history.
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