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All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing - Edmund Burk


To fight the Anti-Lebanese you should know who they are and what they do

Who are the anti-Lebanese?

The Anti-Lebanese are those who want to deprive the Lebanese, in Lebanon and around the world, from their Country, Culture and Identity or deny them their rights.

What is their purpose?

  1. To silence the people who support the Lebanese claiming their heritage (Country, Culture and Identity)
  2. To spread anti-Lebanese doctrine that deprives the Lebanese from their Country, Culture and/or Identity
  3. To support only the groups, regimes or countries that disgrace the Lebanese Country, Culture and/or Identity.

What are the main principles of the Lebanese heritage that they attack?

  1. Anti-Lebanese attack the Country of Lebanon. Some claim that Lebanon did not exist as a country until recent history ignoring the 4000 years in which Lebanon kept its very name.
  2. They attack and try to undermine or deny the culture of Lebanon that has accumulated through thousands of years. Lebanon’s rich history has been shaped by cultural traditions including, Phoenician, Greek, Early Christian, Byzantine, Arabic, Islamic, Crusader, Ottoman-Turkish, Italian, French and most recently American. The Anti-Lebanese steel part(s) of the history of Lebanon . They try to annaile the cultural or linguistic aspects of Lebanese groups by claiming that the culture of Lebanon is completely Arabic or completely Phoenician
  3. They attack the Identity of Lebanonin general and try to less call people Lebanese, and they work on bulk massing the ethnicities and language of Lebanon by claiming that all the Lebanese are Arabs or that all of them are Phoenicians - They try to erase and deny the multi-ethnicities of the Lebanese people.

How can I identify Anti-Lebanese?

The Anti-Lebanese or Anti-Lebanon groups have at least one of the following main features:

  1. They do not believe in Lebanon as a multi ethnic country: They claim that all Lebanese are of one ethnicity. When talking about Lebanese people, they completely ignore one of the major ethnic groups: Phoenician(Canaanite) or Arabic.
  2. They do not believe in the existence of Lebanon as a country whose had it’s name for the past 4000 years by its expanding/ contracting land size. They expose Lebanon as a newly formed nation or country that was cut off from another country.
  3. They do not support the freedom and sovereignty of Lebanon. Currently, this would be characterized by refraining from condemning the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, and objecting to the efforts taking place to liberate the country and reform its economy.

Why do people practice anti-Lebanese activities?

There are many groups or individuals who have different reasons to be Anti-Lebanese such as:

  1. Extremists: who want to claim dominance over a specific religion or race and abduct the privileges of the Lebanese culture from thousands of years ago by claiming it for one ethnicity or sect.
  2. Terrorist and pro-terrorists organizations who benefit from the chaos of the current situation of Lebanon being under Syrian occupation

Could people from Lebanon be promoting Anti-Lebanese?

Yes in three cases:

  1. Unknowingly, they can promote anti-Lebanese acts and feelings through publishing, promoting or even talking about Lebanon while spreading ideas or information that deny the Lebanese country, culture or ethnicity.
  2. In purpose by extremists who seek the dominance of their ethnicity or religious sect, claming Lebanon for their ethnicity instead of calling their ethnicity as part of the Lebanese ethnicities.
  3. For personal benefits such as the Syrian Baath dictatorship that benefit economically from occupying the small country of Lebanon.

Am I helping the Anti-Lebanese?

If you are doing nothing, then you are helping them. They want to silence whoever wants to claim Lebanese as their heritage.

What can I do?

  1. Learn the Lebanese history, identity and culture mix, the rich history of Lebanon is exciting and fascinating! Spread websites and ideas that represent the true history, identity and culture of Lebanon.
  2. Recognize and crackdown on websites and ideas that do not represent the true history, identity and culture of Lebanon.

How can I be sure of what I am doing?

If you do not feel comfortable affiliating with an organization or a website, let us know and we will be happy to point if it promotes Anti-Lebanese prospects or not.



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