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Fashion Designers from Lebnaon

Robert Abi Nader, Lebanese Fashion designer

Robert Abi Nader

Internationally renounced Abi Nader graduated from the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in 1985. He was one of the first Lebanese designers to make it big in France, succeeding Oscar de la Renta at Balmain.

Robert Abi Nader fashion
Lebanese Haute Couture
Lebanese Fashion designer, Robert Abi Nader
Robert Abi Nader fashion


Camille Chamoun fashion


Camille Chamoun

Chamoun founded his atelier in 1985 started growing to reach foreign markets, specially Middle Eastern and European tastes. Chamoun exports fashion show to Western countries for each season.

Camille Chamoun Fashion
Lebanese fashion
Camille Chamoun design
Camille Chamoun Haute Couture


Pierre Katra, Lebanese Fashion designer


Pierre Katra

International awards winner Pierre Katra Haute Couture was founded in Beirut, Lebanon in 1965. Pierre Katra was specialized in Fashion Design in Paris, France and he designed superb gowns for Queens and Princesses of Arabic countries. In 1972, Miss Universe Georgina Rizk of Lebanon was wearing unique designs from Katra’s Collection.

Pierre Katra Lebanese Haute Couture
Lebanese Pierre Katra designs
Lebanese fashin designer Pierre Katra
Pierre Katra fashion


Abed Mahfouz, Lebnaese Fashion designer


Abed Mahfouz

Mahfouz started fashion designing as a hobby in the mid-eighties’, and turned to professionalism in the nineties, where he held several consecutive shows in Lebanon, the Arab world and in Milan. He is mostly know for occasions' designs such as weddings and engagements.

Lebanese fashion design, Abed Mahfouz
Abed Mahfuz, Lebanese Fashion
 Fashion collection of Abed Mahfouz
Abd Mahfouz fashion


Elie Saab, Lebanese Fashion Designer


Elie Saab

Saab has long been a leading name in haute couture in the Middle East, where his fashion attracted princesses to his Beirut atelier, opened in 1982 (when he was just 18 years old). Saab is a world-famous fashion designer, organizing fashion shows in Switzerland, Belgium, and in Paris. Saab designs appear at home on Hollywood stars like Halle Berry who wore Saab at the 2002 and 2003 Academy Awards.

Elie Saab Fashion
Halle Berry Took The Oscar and the Red Carpet with her stunning Elie Saab gown
Elie Saab fashion collection
Lebanese Fashion collection of Elie Saab


Adam Zayyat, Lebanese fashion designer


Adam Zayyat

Zayyat studied fashion design in Lebanon and traveled later to UAE to settle in its capital Abu Dabi. Adam Zayat fashion is popular in the Middle East and pan-Aarb world.

Adam Zayyat fashion
Adam Zayat design
Adam Zayat's fashion, Lebanese designer
Adam Zayyat fashion


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