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Lebanese Celebrities

Lebanese music is very popular in the Middle East , and the Lebanese singers are famous because of the high volume of music production in Lebanon . Lebanese singers often sing in Lebanese or Egyptian. Lebanese singers have few songs in Badawin, Khaligy-Arabic, formal Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Lebanese songs played a major role in spreading the language of Lebanon to the surrounding Arabic countries since the 1950’s.

Lebanese Pop Stars

Nawal Zoughbi, Lebanese singer

Nawal Zoughby

Elissa, Lebanese singer


Najwa Karam, Lebanese Singer

Najwa Karam


Carol Smaha, Lebanese Singer

Carol Smaha


Wael Kfouri, Lebanese Pop star

Wael Kfoury


Diana Haddad, Lebanese singer

Diana Haddad

Hayfa Wehbe, Lebanese pop star

Hayfa Wehbe


Assi Hellani, Lebanese singer

Assi Hellani


Aline Khalaf, Lebanese pop star

Aline Khalaf


Pascale Machaalani, Lebanese singer

Pascale Machaalani


Ragheb Alameh, Lebanese Pop star

Ragheb Alamah


Nancy Ajram, Lebanese pop singer

Nancy Ajram


Reeda Boutros, Lebanese Pop star

Reeda Boutros


Rami Ayach, Lebanese pop star

Ramy Ayach

Julia, Lebanese Singer


Katia Harb, Lebanese pop singer

Katia Harb

Zein El Omor, Lebanese Singer

Zein El Omr

May Harriri, Lebanese pop star

May Harriri

Myriam Fares,Lebanese Pop Star

Miriam Fares



Roula Saed, Lebanese Pop Star

Roula Saed



Lebanese band, Ghassan Rahbani Group

Ghassan Rahbani Group

4 cats, Lebanese band

The 4 Cats


Folk Singers

Tony Hanna

Alain Meraeb

Ghassan Saliba


Popular-Music Singers/composers

Marcel Khalifeh

Ziad Rahbani

Melhem Barakat


Classic Singers


Fairouz, Lebanese singer



Zaki Nasif, Lebanese singer/composer

Zaki Nassif


Majida Roumy, Lebanese singer

Majida Roumi


Nasri Chamsseddine, Lebanese singer

Nasri Shams Deen


Sabah, Lebanese Singer


Wadi Safy, Lebanese singer, composer

Wadih Safi

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