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Lebanese Americans

Around 3 million Americans descending from Lebanese origin live in the United States. These Lebanese-Americans, up to five generations, migrated from Lebanon in several waves starting in the 19th century. Most of the Lebanese Americans came from the early waves of Lebanese Christians fleeing the Ottomans oppression around the mid of the 19th Century and during WWI. Lebanese immigration continued and was high in the 1970’- 80’s during the war in Lebanon, and in early 1990’s after Lebanon completely fell to Syrian occupation.

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Ron Afif recorded more than 5 albums for the Pablo label. His latest being "Solotude," a solo effort. His Uncle is celebrated guitarist Ron Anthony whom was singing legend Frank Sinatra's guitarist from 1985-1993. His father Charlie was a middleweight champion fighter.

Paul Anka born in Ottawa, Canada in 1941 to Lebanese parents. He was unique among the late fifties teen idols in that he was also not only a singer, but also a successful songwriter & composer. Among his many hits: Puppy Love recorded by Donny Osmond, Frank Sinatras My Way for which we was the lyricist as well as She's a Lady popularized by recording star Tom Jones. To date, he has amassed worldwide record sales in excess of a hundred million copies. He returned to Lebanon for sell-out performances at the Forum de Beirut in 1999.

Paul Anka, Lebanese American
Yasmine Bleeth acted in the Baywatch Series
John Bowab directed the mega television hits, Soap, Benson, Bosom Buddies, The Facts of Life, and the last two seasons of the The Cosby Show.
Jonathon Brandmeier is a famous radio talk show host .
Don Bustany was the creator and producer of American Top 40, the American Country Countdown, and has recently added Casey Kasem's Top 40 and Casey's Country Countdown.
Elie Chaib is a dancer with the famous Paul Taylor company. In 1992 the New York Times named him the “Dancer of the Year”.
Dick Dale, the King of the Surf Guitar. In 1986 Thirty Years of Rock and Roll named Dale Forefather of Rock and Roll. In 1989 Dale wasinducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame located in the Hall of Champions building in San Diego, Ca. He was awarded the Lifetime Pop Music Culture Award from UC Berkeley with Ice-T, John Lee Hooker and Mick Fleetwood, and presented the Platinum Record award for his performance recording of Miserlou. Dale was inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame - Hollywood, California in 1996 and in 2000 Congressman “Jerry Lewis” inducted him into the “White House Congressional Hall of Records”.
Dick Dale, Lebanese American
George S. Dibie is an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer-director. Now President of the International Photographers Guild.
George Durgom through the years managed Jackie Gleason, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Marilyn Monroe
Bechara El Khoury is world-renowned musician.
Rosalind Elias is an opera Prima Donna who hit the high notes at the Met in New York City.
Shannon Elizabeth is best known for her American Pie movie where she plays the sexy Czech student.
Jamie Farr, born Jameel Farah, is best known in his role as Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger in the classic TV hit show M*A*S*H. His MASH character was originally set to appear on one episode, but he proved so popular that he returned as a day player. Farr was eventually given a contract in year 3 of the series. Farr graduated from Woodward High School with honors and was named most outstanding student. In addition to writing and acting in two variety shows, Jamie was a member of the Drama Society, class president for three years, feature editor of the school newspaper, president of the radio class, and manager of the football and basketball teams and a member of the varsity tennis team.
Jamie Farr, Lebanese American
Sammy Haggar rock and roll superstar and former lead vocalist for Van Halen.
Khrystyne Haje actress is best known in her role as Simone Foster in the television series Head of the Class.  
Jack Hanna is the popular host of the hit television series, Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures, one of America's most beloved naturalists and adventurers.  
Salma Hayek is a Lebanese-Mexican that was born in Mexico to a Lebanese Father from the Hayek family and a Mexican mother. Hayek began her career in Mexican television soap operas in late 1980's. She traveled to Los Angeles after gaining success inUn Nuevo Amanecer and Teresa. Hayek acted in several movies but was most known for her role in Desperado (1990). Later, she played roles in Fools Rush In,Wild Wild West, Frida and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. She was the executive producer of the blockbuster Frida and portrayed the famous Mexican artist Frida Khalo in the lead role. She worked for eight years to see the role to its completion. She is considered to be the first Mexican actress to become a Hollywood movie star since Dolores Del Rio.
Salma Hayek, Lebanese American
Waleed Howrani is a world-renowned musician, concert pianist and composer.  
Paul Jabara is an Oscar winning composer of Last Dance from Thank God It's Friday.  
Mike Joseph has pioneered the concept of a radio programming consultant in 1958.  
Mario Kassar was the former chairman of Carolco Pictures, the movie company that produced such blockbusters as Rocky, Rambo, Terminator 2, and Total Recall. At one time he ran a billion-dollar industry.  
Casey Kasem is one of the most listened-to and well recognized DJ's in the world. He hosts America's Weekly Top 40 and Top 20, and is heard on more than 450 radio stations worldwide. Kasem is also the host of the daily feature America Top Hits’. He also playes the voice of cartoon characters such as Shaggy in the Scooby Doo series.
Casey Kasem, Lebanese American
Asaad Kelad has done numerous series like Family Ties and episodes of The Facts of Life, Who's the Boss? and WKRP in Cincinnati.  
Herbert Khaury is a Lebanese-American folk singer known to all of his fans as "Tiny Tim." Was famous for his hit song Tiptoe through the Tulips.  
Callie Khoury was the first woman to receive an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Thelma and Louise.  
Emile Kuri was nominated eight times for films like Mary Poppins. He won the Oscar twice, for The Heiress and Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  
Wendie Malick is of Irish and Lebanese heritage. She was a Wilhelmina model in the 70's. She and her husband are instrumental in helping to construct homes for poor families in Mexico. Malick is a 1972 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio. She plays Nina Van Horn on NBC's hit show Just Shoot Me.
Wendie Malick, Lebanese American
Kristy McNichol is best known for her starring role Buddy Lawrence on the late 1970s TV show Family. She is well known for her role as an undercover cop on the TV show Empty Nest.  
Michael Nader has acted in many well known television mini-series as well as a recurring rose in the Dynasty series.  
Michelle Nader is a comedy writer of the TV Series Spin City.  

Kathy Najimy is an actress who acted in films such as Olive, Veronica's Closet, Sister Act and Rat Race. Najimy also does the voice of Peggy Hill on Fox-TV's animated hit, King of the Hill. She is a tireless advocate and supporter of AIDS research.


Kathy Najimy, Lebanese American
Michael Nouri the leading man who starred in the feature film Flashdance; later seen in TV's Love and War sitcom. He sang the closing theme song for CBS's long-running daytime drama Search for Tomorrow during the 1976 season, on which he played Steve Kazlow and has appeared in lead roles in many television mini-series
Michael Nouri, Lebanese Americans
Harold Ramis wrote and directed over the past twenty years more than a dozen films, several of which are among the highest grossing comedies of all time. In 1978, Animal House became a blockbuster, and Harold began a long, successful string of hits, including Meatballs, Caddyshack, Stripes, Ghostbusters, Back to School, Groundhog Day, Analyze This and Bedazzled.  
Diane Rehm is the host and executive producer of The Diane Rehm Show on National Public Radio (NPR).  
Fouad Said is the cinematographer who designed Cinemobile (the first customized van for filming on location) while working on the TV series I Spy. For this achievement, he received a Technical Academy Award in 1970.  
Fred Saidy wrote the two classics, Finian's Rainbow and Bloomer Girl.  
Lucie Salhany is the former chairwoman for Fox Broadcasting Co. and the former chairwoman for United Paramount (TV) Network  
Elie Samaha is the producer and owner of Franchise Pictures; has produced films such as Driven, The Whole Nine Yards, The Pledge, Battle Field Earth, Heist and Exit Wounds.  
Neil Sedaka actor, composer,singer and entertainer. He was part of the famous Brill Building stable of writers, which included Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, Neil Diamond and Carole King.  
Shakira (see famous Lebanese-Spanish)
Shakira, Lebanese-Spansih
Tom Shadyac arrived in Hollywood in 1983 and became what has been said to be the youngest gag writer ever on Bob Hope's staff. During the 80s he won acting roles on such series as Magnum, P.I. and Trapper John, M.D. and in the feature film, Jocks (1986). Shadyac directed such well known movies like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective(1994), The Nutty Professor (1996), Liar Liar (1997), Patch Adams(1998), Dragonfly (2002) and Bruce Almighty (2003).
Tom Shadyac, Lebanese American
Tony Shalhoub‘s memorable performance was in the extended stint as a self-deprecating cabbie on the long-running series Wings. After winning the Best Supporting Actor award from the National Society of Film Critics for his well-researched role in Big Night (1996), he played roles in A Civil Action (1998) and The Siege (1998), Men in Black (1997), Star Trek -Galaxy Quest (1999) Imposter (2001), Spy Kids (2001) and Men in Black 2 (2002). Recently, Shalhoub started the well-received television series Monk (2002).
Tony_shalhoub, Lebanese American
G. E. Smith or George Edward Smith, is a soulful guitarist, composer, singer and bandleader. He is one of the most in-demand blues/rock guitarists in the world. Millions of TV viewers know his face in his 10 years (1985-1995) of fronting the Saturday Night Live.
G. E. Smith, Lebanese American
Michael Tadross was the unit production manager for Die Hard II, Devil's Advocate, Jack Frost and many other movies.  
Julie Taymor was the creative mastermind behind the Broadway version of Disney's The Lion King (1998) winning two Tony awards (Direction & Costume Design). She also directed the powerful films Titus and Frida.  
Danny Thomas was an American comedian legend. During the early period of his career, Danny was still a struggling entertainer who could not support a family with his chosen career. . He visited a church in Detroit and prayed to St. Jude. "Show me my way in life and I will build you a shrine". A few weeks later, Danny landed a regular job at a Chicago nightclub. Later, Danny founded St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, which became the world's premier institution for the study and treatment of catastrophic childhood diseases. Today, largely because of discoveries made at St. Jude, more than 70 percent of children diagnosed with certain forms of leukemia survive compared to the only 5 percent survival rate before founding St Jude.
Danny Thomas, Lebanese American
Marlo Thomas is an actress and producer. Marlo has won Emmy Awards and is best known for her role in That Girl, where she was instrumental in bringing the new independent single woman to television for the first time. Since the 1980’s she has been married to talk show host Phil Donahue. She has had a recurring role on the television series Friends as the mother of Rachel Green played by Jennifer Ansiton. Thomas is also an advocate for women’s rights as well as spokeswoman for St. Jude, founded by her father Danny Thomas.
Marlo Thomas, Lebanese American
Tony Thomas son of Danny Thomas and only brother to Marlo Thomas is an Emmy Award winning producer.  
Tiffany, born Tiffany Renee Darwish was the first teenage singer to have her first two singles both hit number one.
Tiffany, Lebanese American
Amy Yasbeck is a famous actress. She played in the TV series Wings and played in the movies Problem Child, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Denial and many others.
Amy Yasbeck, Lebanese American
David Yazbeck wrote the lyrics and score for The Full Monty.  
Frank Zappa was a legend in the world of rock
Frank Zappa, Lebanese American


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