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Lebanese Americans

Around 3 million Americans descending from Lebanese origin live in the United States. These Lebanese-Americans, up to five generations, migrated from Lebanon in several waves starting in the 19th century. Most of the Lebanese Americans came from the early waves of Lebanese Christians fleeing the Ottomans oppression around the mid of the 19th Century and during WWI. Lebanese immigration continued and was high in the 1970’- 80’s during the war in Lebanon, and in early 1990’s after Lebanon completely fell to Syrian occupation

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Jim Baxis is a former second baseman for Cleveland Indians baseball team  
Eddie Elias Elias was a lawyer and sports television pioneer who established the Professional Bowlers Tour in 1958. He turned bowling from a recreational sport to television's second-longest-running professional sport behind college football. Elias established the Firestone Tournament of Champions in 1958 and founded Eddie Elias Enterprises. In 1997 the PBA named the Ambassador of Bowling Award after him. He died in Ohio in 1998.
Eddie Elia, Lebanese American
John Elway was the #1 overall pick in the famous football quarterback draft of 1983. He was known for his last-minute, game-winning scoring drives. He led the Broncos to 3 Super Bowl losses before back-to-back wins in Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII which earned him the 1987 NFL MVP award. Elway is 4-time Pro Bowler, and along with Joe Marino is the only other quarterback to throw for over 50,000 yards.
John Elway, Lebanese American
Doug Flutie won the Heisman Trophy with Boston College football in1984. He played in USFL, NFL and CFL. He is a 6-time CFL MVP with B.C. Lions (1991), Calgary (1992-94) and Toronto (1996-97). He led Calgary and Toronto to Grey Cup titles. Flutie returned to NFL in 1998 with Buffalo and became part of QB controversy with Rob Johnson. He recently signed by San Diego ( 2001). He spends much of his time off the field working with The Doug Flutie Foundation which helps sick children.
Doug Flutie, Lebanese American
Bill George is a former Hall of Fame linebacker for the Chicago Bears football team.
Jeff George is a quarterback for the Washington Redskins football team
Jeff George, Lebanese American
Elias Ghanem is Nevada Athletic Commission chairman. He was the chairman of the Las Vegas Boxing Association.
Elias Ghanem, Lebanese American
Abe Gibran is a former offensive lineman and coach for the Chicago Bears football team
Brian Habib is a Former lineman for the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks football teams
John Jaha is the first baseman for the Oakland A's. Playing for Triple-A Denver in 1992, he became only the second player (after Joey Meyer) to hit a ball into the upper deck at Mile-High Stadium. He was called up by the Brewers soon afterwards, making his major-league debut at the ago of 26, and hit .264 with 19 homers and 70 RBIs as Milwaukee's full-time first baseman in 1993. He had a great season in 1996, when he hit .300 with 34 homers and 118 RBIs.
John Jaha, Lebanese American
Rich Kotite is a former NFL coach
Joe Lahoud was a leftfielder for the Red Sox Baseball team. He surpassed the league BA (in 1974 with .271) in 11 seasons of platooning, yet his power produced seasons of 14, 12, and 13 homers in 1971-74. He hit a three-in- one game for the Red Sox on June 11, 1969.
Fred Maalouf was a quarterback for the St. Louis Cardinals football team.
George Maloof is the former owner of the Houston Rockets NBA basketball team.
Maloof Brothers are the owners of the Sacramento Kings basketball team
Maloof Brothers, Lebanese Americans
Zuhair "Steve" Mansour was the Weightlifting's Grandmaster of the World in 1990.   
Bobby Rahal is the son of the club racer Michael Rahal. Bobby was born in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and grew up in Chicago. He won the Indianapolis 500 in auto racing in 1986. He is a CART team owner who acted as interim president-CEO of CART until Dec. of 2000 but resigned to assume position with Jaguar Formula One team.
Bobby Rahal, Lebanese American
Joe Robbie is the former owner of the Miami Dolphins football team. A stadium is named after him in Miami, Flordia.
Joe Robbie Stadium Miami, Flordia
Fuad Rubeiz is a former kicker for the Minnesota Vikings football team.
Fred Saigh is the former owner of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. He founded the The Saigh Foundation to serve as a legacy of the gifts he gave throughout his lifetime to the community of St. Louis, Missouri. The foundation benefits children and youth, primarily in the areas of education and health care.
Fred Saigh, Lebanese American
Pete Sarron was a featherweight boxing champion.
Rony Seikaly was born Beirut, Lebanon in 1965. Rony was an NBA center for various clubs. He was selected by the Miami Heat in the first round (ninth pick overall) of the 1988 NBA draft. He was traded by Golden State along with Clifford Rozier to Orlando for Jon Koncak, Donald Royal and Felton Spencer on Nov. 2, 1996.
Rony Seikaly, Lebanese American
Frank Skaff was a manager for the Detroit Tigers baseball team.
Victor Taweel is a former lightweight boxing champion.  


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